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Topic motokai, a dark ChatZilla motif
Boldewynmotokai is a dark motif for ChatZilla
Boldewynit's based on *Monokai* for TextMate and *Molokai* for (g)Vim
githubYou can find it on http://boldewyn.github.com/motokai/
github… or fork it here: http://github.com/Boldewyn/motokai/
Boldewynmotokai uses CSS3 animations for a smooth experience
githubIf you encounter any bug, please file it at http://github.com/Boldewyn/motokai/issues/
Boldewynmotokai features custom icons in the user view, e.g. for normal users or operators
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BoldewynI hope you enjoy this new ChatZilla experience :-)
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Boldewynuses motokai as default motif now
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BoldewynYou can examine the full ChatZilla test set at http://boldewyn.github.com/motokai/test.html
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