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About Digraphs

Digraphs, in this context, are a method to enter special glyphs with only the use of ASCII characters. A single digraph is composed of two (or sometimes more) ASCII characters and represents uniquely a certain Unicode codepoint.

Example: The digraph AE represents the Unicode codepoint U+198 (LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE): Æ

To distinguish digraphs from regular ASCII characters some introducing has to occur. In Vim, the famous text editor, the Ctrl-K sequence starts the digraph entering mode. This addon mimics that behaviour, although the actual sequence is editable from the addon’s options menu.


You can install the addon simply from, the official Firefox addon repository.

Alternatively, you can download the addon from GitHub and link to it in the Firefox profile folder as described in the README file.


The default initialization sequence is Ctrl-K. Just place the cursor in a text field on any website (for example, the Google search), press Ctrl-K and the digraph to enter. The associated letter or character will appear in the field.


In the settings menu of the addon (reachable via SettingsAddonsDigraphs) you can set the initialization sequence by entering the key code and a meta key to be pressed. For example, to have Alt+M start digraph detection, set the values to 77 and altKey, respectively.

Further Information